New River Watershed Roundtable, Forestry Committee

Minutes, Wednesday, October 26, 2005

5:00 p.m., Galax USDA Service Center


Members Attending:                        Members Not Present:

David Richert                                                   Dwayne Huff

Tim Phipps                                                       Jonathan Luper

Jennifer Gagnon                                                Rob Morgan

Donnie Garman                                                Bill Miller

                                                                        Kelly Miller                             

Bill Worrell

Mike Skinner

Jim Baxley

Gary Boring


Agenda presented and attached.  No additions.


David Richert called the meeting to order.  Jennifer Gagnon, the Virginia Tech Extension Forester for Landowner Education was welcomed to our committee as a new member. 


Update on Action Items from the June Meeting:


v     Critical Species Tour—The committee continued planning for the Critical Habitat & Species tour that has been postponed until April 20 or 27, 2006.  The tour will be held on April 20 or 27, 2006 4-8 p.m. beginning at the Fairview Ruritan Building and visiting Grayson Glades, Dixon Lumber property, and possibly a private landowner (Dr. Bill) on State Shed Road.  Different habitats & plant communities will be discussed at each stop.  David Richert will contact the DCR Natural Heritage office to arrange for potential speakers.  David will contact a local botanical / gardeners group to help spread the word.  David will draft an announcement/flyer for the workshop and share that with the committee by Jan 20th.  The idea is to use an article on critical habitats in the current Forest Landowner Update to generate support for this workshop.  David will prepare a brief follow up article for the FLU advertising the workshop by November 30.  Planning will continue in February of 2006.


v     Bobwhite Quail Workshop—The committee also continued planning for a second “Managing Land for Bobwhite Quail” workshop.  The workshop is scheduled for Nov. 3 at the Galax Library beginning at 6:00 p.m. All arrangements have been finalized with regard to logistics, etc.  Thanks Tim, for making these arrangements.


v     Tazewell Forestry Demo Tour—discussed the Tazewell SWCD’s interest in arranging this for Spring 2006, but no additional sources of funds have been located.  Committee members need to continue to hunt $$$ for this event, possibly from SAF.


v     Promoting Tax Credits-discussion on the need to promote riparian buffer tax credits, which requires involvement before the timber sale planning is finalized (often years or months in advance of the actual timber harvest).  Discussed the possibility of eventually holding a riparian buffer tax credit workshop for accountants and estate planners.  Decided to edit the RBTC article written by Bill Miller in 2004 and submit a version to Jen Gagnon for the Forest Landowner Update.  Bill Miller will work with David Richert to submit this article to Jen Gagnon by November 30.


v     Landowner Contact Information needed for Forest Landowner Update / VT Extension Forestry Program-Discussed sharing landowner contact information with Jen Gagnon for Forest Landowner Update mailings.  Contact information for landowners that would benefit from receiving the forest landowner update should be forwarded to Jen Gagnon.  Contact information should include an email address and acres owned information if possible.


v     Upcoming Events, Partner Opportunities—discussed the possibility of having a woodland owners short course somewhere between Tazewell and Grayson County by the Fall of 2006.  Specific sections (i.e. quail habitat workshop, NWTF turkey habitat workshop) may be “customized-in” to the program if there are available resources and ample participants.  NRRT Forestry Committee members should evaluate the need for a short course in the coming months.


v     Other business- Donnie Garman briefed the group on a Forest Legacy Program project involving 3 landowners along the New River and the New River Land Trust.  Donnie requested that the NRRT Forestry Committee formally support this project.  Because only 4 members were present, an email will be sent out to the other NRRT Forestry Committee members to solicit additional support.  All members present affirmed support for this Forest Legacy Project.  NRRT Forestry Committee members need to respond only if they oppose extending support to this Forest Legacy Project.


v     Next Meeting—The next meeting of the Forestry Committee will be Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at 5:00 p.m. Location TBA, possibly Wytheville Area?  Committee members will make phone calls to generate attendance two weeks in advance of the February 8, 2006 meeting.